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Time, value it

Shit turns to fertilizer- just give it time, with the good graces of God, it does.


Righteousness or acceptance by man

Today I ponder the motifs for doing anything in the modern world- is it for the glory of God (or any other omnipotent being) or glory of man? Through the advent and accessibility of social mediums it has been increasingly alarming to see first hand the levels of narcissism that exists and is enabled with each and every post and proof of liking or favoriting or following count that is closely monitored. The subject who, with hopeful eyes, sits and waits for the first sign of approval from man; if only it were the approval of God which the bible speaks of or the approval of Allah- things would be oh so much better, instead here we have a contest adorned by the finest luxuries man can afford fighting for the notoriety of other men- FUNNY. I’m not in any shape or form exhibiting traits of envy, I am however and in high levels too hoping to leave upon you, whoever you are today an impression that life is so much more than silver and gold. It is the work field for our just reward- and don’t you ever forget it.

O the word of the Lord- lives within my being

You want it, you’ve asked for it and now you’ve received it. Now what? Now you pray and ask God where will his will be done next.

As I ponder my 24 years here on earth I’ve come to the realization that all I’ve ever asked the lord for it has been given to me, might not have been at the time I would’ve wanted it instead I receive it when the lord sees fit, the anointed time. Preparation and patience has always been lessons that I did not quite grasp, along with focus. Now that I have the opportunity to do just that I am not reading self help books, nor am I reading or looking for signs, instead i’m listening to that voice in my heart, the lords voice that has been with me for as long as I can remember, that voice that has been aiding and abetting me for the longest while and preparing for the things my heart desires, casting out fear, doing the lords will and walking upright in faith. The lord did not bring me thus far to leave me stranded, to not touch lives and impact people to know him. Let lord, your continued image in me, shine in all that I do.

Final edit: Do not be moved solely by word, it is the deed that is redeemable in the gate kept by St. Peter. Work and walk towards the glory.




                                                               This post inspired by: Mux&Jah 

How I arrived here

Living in Brooklyn NYC, amidst the hippiest hipsters in the most expensive closet known to man I decided enough is enough and so woke up from the long slumber known as fear of reality. As a young emigrant to the USA, adjusting to the eccentricities of the free world, naturally- alarmed me. Everything needed now to be questioned. Am I indeed African American despite being from a tiny island in the West Indies? Am I to now feign the whiplash of racism even though it really does not bother me? Am I now to feign the feaux plight for feminism and equality, knowing deep down that we women bear all the power needed to continue flourishing humanity? Am I now to relate to all of these socially constructed issues that leave the emigrant minority oblivious? 

  Finding oneself is paramount for keen understanding and consciousness from whence thou cometh. Sages have often uttered words bearing  meaning, that for one to have successfully find them self, they must return to their starting point with learnt eyes, and a deeper more profound sense of self; as a burgeoning sage meself, I find these words to be true. Currently walking my path, making the journey through emotionally unfamiliar valleys, with scenic tours, guided by the light of  unconditional love i’m making my way back home, be it Grenada, heaven, or the love of family- journey in light and love. 

  Having since left the grimy borough known as Brooklyn, i’ll forever cherish in my heart  its tough lessons on survival, love, trust, and commitment I have flown the coup. Happily residing with my husband in Maryland I have found that dreams only work when we are awake to make them true. Don’t sleep in the comfort of fear of the unknown, delve headfirst into it, bold and brave and ready to trek into uncharted territory. Take with you the safety and security that there is an omnipotent being who is providing you/us with unconditional levels of energy, love and favor- walk tall. 


 And here we have the birth of my idea finally taking  physical form in the cyber realm. My very first blog that will be linked to my store front site which is a mixture of health tips for the mind, body and soul along with DIY craft ideas and other useful tidbits from a Caribbean American emigrant residing in Maryland who still dreams.


Moringa mornings

It is cold, it is Monday morning- I smell the earthy aroma of moringa seeping from the tea cup that’s staring at me from the kitchen counter, I have five more minutes to spare before hitting the road. I gently place the steaming cup to my lips, slurp and intake a sip of the moringa tea- my head clears and almost immediately I feel it’s effects on me. I’m happy again, clear headed, calm- ready to face the crazy world ahead, head on and focused. Thank you moringa! Better yet thank you God.