O the word of the Lord- lives within my being

You want it, you’ve asked for it and now you’ve received it. Now what? Now you pray and ask God where will his will be done next.

As I ponder my 24 years here on earth I’ve come to the realization that all I’ve ever asked the lord for it has been given to me, might not have been at the time I would’ve wanted it instead I receive it when the lord sees fit, the anointed time. Preparation and patience has always been lessons that I did not quite grasp, along with focus. Now that I have the opportunity to do just that I am not reading self help books, nor am I reading or looking for signs, instead i’m listening to that voice in my heart, the lords voice that has been with me for as long as I can remember, that voice that has been aiding and abetting me for the longest while and preparing for the things my heart desires, casting out fear, doing the lords will and walking upright in faith. The lord did not bring me thus far to leave me stranded, to not touch lives and impact people to know him. Let lord, your continued image in me, shine in all that I do.

Final edit: Do not be moved solely by word, it is the deed that is redeemable in the gate kept by St. Peter. Work and walk towards the glory.




                                                               This post inspired by: Mux&Jah 

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