Righteousness or acceptance by man

Today I ponder the motifs for doing anything in the modern world- is it for the glory of God (or any other omnipotent being) or glory of man? Through the advent and accessibility of social mediums it has been increasingly alarming to see first hand the levels of narcissism that exists and is enabled with each and every post and proof of liking or favoriting or following count that is closely monitored. The subject who, with hopeful eyes, sits and waits for the first sign of approval from man; if only it were the approval of God which the bible speaks of or the approval of Allah- things would be oh so much better, instead here we have a contest adorned by the finest luxuries man can afford fighting for the notoriety of other men- FUNNY. I’m not in any shape or form exhibiting traits of envy, I am however and in high levels too hoping to leave upon you, whoever you are today an impression that life is so much more than silver and gold. It is the work field for our just reward- and don’t you ever forget it.

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