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Aloe mask facial. Raw aloe, clean face and restful time are the ingredients needed for this quick, healthy face lift. Elasticity, tone and texture will improve drastically after the 20 minute face pampering session. I recommend doing it in a dimly lit room, great music, and a yoga mat to sprawl off on.

This all organic face lift isn’t just a beauty enhancer, due to the skins permeability it can dissolve the lipid bi layers of the epidermal and dermal cell plasma. Or in layman’s term that aloe mask is organic love from above. The pure nutrients seeps into the pores and calms, evens tone, and takes years of ones face. 


Inexpensive, environmentally friendly, no overbearing fragrance, natural – that is Aloe Vera. Treat yourself good- let nature take its course, naturally.

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The boxing analogy

Cristian Mihai

boxing_2_lg Let me tell you a bit about this sport called boxing. It’s tough and rough, no doubt about it. But the most difficult and painful parts are not the ones you see on TV. No, the fights themselves are just the parts that people get to see. The real fighting, the struggle, take place off-screen. The time spent practicing, hours and hours of physical training, shadow boxing, sparring. That’s the tough part. A few minutes in a ring with another fighter don’t even come close to what happens during a training.

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