Sisterhood and knowing your place

As women its vital for our majestic purpose to build and bond with women who can teach and heal each other. Staying within in the confined perimeters of ones comfort zone is the quickest way to kill ones creative spirit and stifle our purpose. We have to, as much as is allowed to bond and feel and love our sisters. We have to be able to heal our mothers and daughters and give the nurturing energy to them. We are all broken pieces wanting the same outcome- Peace. Together we can build on it and make this dream of our heart a reality. We can heal nations through healing our sisters. Sisterhood is a necessary relationship that every woman needs to find them self in. I’ve been blessed with 12 beautiful sisters, and also had the good fortune of going to an all girls school, where not only was I able to form lifelong friendships but I began to understand the nature of our nature as spiritual beings.  I’m glad to be a woman, Glad to be alive and Glad that I have sisters!!!!!


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