Monthly Archives: June 2014

Now is all The Time We Have

Being at the bottom really makes you appreciate the daydreams of reaching the top. It propels you forward into action. To actually take the first step to achieving the goals you are to afraid of meeting. The climb up to the top of the fall or even the roller coaster ride is one unexplained feeling, one that is feared while on it, however, anticipating the builds and copious amounts of adrenaline that over rides the fear and makes it welcoming. You cannot in all that you do, waste a moment to fear. If the threat of fear renders you immobile, all you must do is retreat, never defeated, but  learnt, to the bottom and dream, then build the anticipation again. This time learnt.

Time is always of the essence. We make mistakes often when we do not value time, time to build and time to sow, and time to reap. There are formidable mistakes to be made, and learn from. The journey is never easy, to the top. You are faced with harsh truths about yourself, truths that make you want to change, do something different. Saving, and deciding when is the best time is never by you but if in constant communication with God, is always by him. He provides you with the knowledge and provides the way, and time. But first you must be open to the notion that he will allow positive change to take effect.

As I told my Longtime, childhood friend recently, If He brings you to it He will bring you through it. Trust and believe. For He is a God who believes in righteousness. Accept him, Give him Full control of your life and allow for his will to be done, righteously.
Our victory isn’t ours, but our Father’s.