Kitty kat chronicles pt 2

All love stems from love of self….. And the self is more simple than we’d like to believe. The self is the taboo’d parts we’d rather much just ignore but it’s there and it needs love and affection just like everything else. Yes I’m talking about genital care therapy!
Before you close this post in disgust, or before you pass a rash judgement ask yourself- when was the last time I truly showed my genital area some tender loving care? Valentine’s has passed and the much anticipated love filled sex has cum and it has gone. Does the loving stop? Does the genital area care cease? Does the care filled attention given stop giving- no! This weekend if done right and with conscientious effort is not so much about the other as it is about you being your best at all times. Acknowledging what makes you shine and doing more of it, most times it’s just you taking care of you- entirely. So for those who love to have a hair free care free zone here’s a quick trick of the trade to keeping the Netherlands easy and breezy:
1) Comb through to make sure all knots and kinks are out
2) Trim hair to the lowest possible level
3) Using aloe Vera gel lather the area
4) Using clean new shaving stick- mow the lawn
5) Post trim care- rub tea tree oil on shaved area to prevent razor bumps and in grown hair.
6) Soothe area with remaining aloe Vera and or coconut oil. Let it breathe easy.



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