Self care is not a Sin 

  Ladies- this one is for us. As queens we are often times burdened with the onus of multitasking with little to no time left for ourselves and that right there is the first mistake- neglecting our self. To give the best of us we have to feel our best and as such have to carve out time to care for self before caring for others.  So if that means something is to be rolled over into tomorrow’s priority list- let that be. Too many times we try our best to get everything done within that 24 hours allotted to us, while that is applause worthy- at what cost? Too many times we forego our inner peace and mental health to appease others. This must stop.

   Spend time indulging in what rejuvenates you, eg. Traveling, Dancing, Dressing up- it’s ok to do these things, it is ok to enjoy yourself in what ever manner you choose. We must understand that the days of answering to a master or authoritative figure has long gone, that master is now the self. Make better choices where you are concerned, exercise your right to freedom and discipline.  Validation of self by self = confidence. This is some thing that we all 

have issues with, trusting that we have done the right thing or made the right decision. In life there is no right nor is there  any wrong, there are however opportunities and great mistakes. Be thankful always for all that you have at any given time. 

  It is never too late to pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill- if you’ve always been interested in music believe in yourself and try it out! Cooking? Believe in yourself and try it out! Dancing? Believe in yourself and try it out! You’ll never know how good you are at something until you believe in yourself, pray and try it out. Even if at first you fail that in itself is a huge win if you are persistent. Failure simply is saying I refuse to try again. You and your happiness are worth every trial and error there is to make in the land of the living. 

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