My mother once said ” be good ” as pre marital advice. I was off course skeptical as she was a recent divorcee. I have walked with it though at times my pettiness gets the best of me, drinking bush tea for my husbands cold, but I’ve digressed. 

    My mother is one of the most phenomenal women I know. Seldom does she shed tears, she’s does everything she wants to, she dresses well, cooks exquisitely, is fit and fun so then why did my father habitually cheat on her? Was is that she never allowed the free flow of emotions? Never provided the environment he needed to evolve emotionally? Is that why I too am stunted with my emotions? 

AND THINKING IT OVER I can’t recall a time where feelings was ever encouraged at home. I’m trying so damned hard to understand where it is I come from, where I am and what I can do to help my kids be a bit more secure in this world. Emotion has its place, balance is key. Is it too late to help heal both my parents although they’re separated? Love can heal. That much I know. It’s ok to be vulnerable mommy- vulnerability is beautiful. 

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