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Apple Rose Facial Toner 

It has been one of those days, you know the kind of day where you are the sanest person you know and everything outside of you is draining the good life out. To bounce back it appears that you may need a stiff cocktail or some other vice- however all you have on hand is Rose water, Apple cider vinegar, and Sulphur spring water. 

  Luckily for you that is all you need to feel rejuvenated: 

1 cup of sulphur spring water ( or alkaline water )

1 tsp ACV

2 tbsp Rose water 

Place in spritz bottle and liberally spray onto face and décolletage. Now relax and enjoy the silence. Simple bliss- self care 😘


Kitty kat chronicles pt1

It is drawing nigh, yes ladies and gents- Valentines day. Not to be mistaken for Valentimes which is an entirely other thing that has little to do with what i’m talking about- Valentines day.
So if you’re newly enamored with someone other than yourself and or immediate family members- you are in a relationship! So here’s the nitty gritty about that, these socially constructed holidays were created by the capitalist with your pockets in mind, and nothing to do with your heart….So being the true rebel that I am it is only fitting that I share how you too, can partake in the festivities but on a budget- and here comes the good stuff.
So you’re spending your first Valentines day boo’d up or maybe it’s your 10th…and if you’re realllly lucky you’ve lost track but you are sure you’re spending it with your best friend, your love. But still you’re all like eff this- i’m not spending a grip for this bum ass day anyways….. Well here are some tips, tricks, and new things that can be done to spruce up your day with out even hurting your pocket.

Women this one is for you
Its a well known self esteem booster that for one to feel good we have to treat ourselves good- and something simple and meaningful such as using a new fragrance can do the trick. And it doesn’t have to be that pricy eau de fu fu kind either. You can use essential oils diluted in a light carrier oil eg. Sweet almond oil and dab it behind the ear and pulse points of the wrist- not smelling overbearingly whorish.

Men this goes for you as well….
Feeling good is paramount to how one treats themselves. So treat your good-looking self good, dude. Same procedure; try a new fragrance such as Egyptian musk with a hint of dragon blood diluted with sweet almond oil and use it sparingly on your pulse points, your beard even. Shake it up and watch worlds collide.

Next up- another self pampering give away-
A pre date au naturale facial mask- using just aloe vera on the face to moisturize and give an impeccable glow. Even if you are going to wear make up treat your skin with the love it deserves. This can be applied to both men and women as we are both equally yolked in skin.

So- we are chilling keeping it low-key.
Some where during this sordid love fest day- food has to be eaten. Be bold and daring, find a new recipe you’ve been eyeing for a while and get to work. Put your heart into it….Eg. Home-made Roti with chow and just because you can- sorrel. Let your mate know how much you appreciate them with a glass of sorrel and it ain’t even christmas. Every great meal culminates with desert 😉 something as simple as a maple syrup drizzled fruit salad with fruits pre- soaked in wine or rum with flakes of nutmeg. It doesn’t have to be all the way fancy, but again so long as it’s from the heart and made with smiles and pure goodness of the heart- it cyan go wrong. Trying something new never gets old.

For those who are more expressive through art-
Let your muse know that they have been your source of inspiration by dedicating a piece of your prose to them, or whatever your craft may be. Create with them in mind- This too is a surefire way to create lasting memories…….

Celebrate and add to the net value of the universe- Love always!!